1. Servo Roll Feeds
  2. Servo Gripper Feeds
  3. Servo Notching Press


Nidec Vamco ... a world class machine tool manufacturer since 1945.

Van Mark 3 CFS Feed
Change Gear Cam Feed
Notching Press

  1. Main Servo Drive Motor eliminating clutch assembly used for starting and stopping the crankshaft rotation

  2. Direct Drive Servo Indexing Spindle (stationary) for easy upgrade to an automation cell

  3. Servo Motor and Ball Screw assembly for press positioning

  4. Roller Element Linear Slide Guides (manufactured in Germany)

  5. Linear Bearings for press sliding with Hydraulic Clamps

  6. Pneumatic Actuated Automatic Stripping Device for Circular Blanks

  7. Pneumatic Actuated Automatic Part Holding Device for Circular Blanks


  1. Capacity: 40 k
  2. Press Speed: 0-1500 spm
  3. Stroke Length: 25 mm
  4. Slide Adjustment: 41 mm
  5. Max. Pitch Diameter of Notches:1100 mm
  6. Min. Pitch Diameter of Notches:100 mm
  7. Throat Depth: 230 mm