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Nidec Vamco ... a world class machine tool manufacturer since 1945.

Van Mark 3 CFS Feed
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Since 1945, Nidec Vamco (formerly Vamco International, Inc.) has earned an unparalleled reputation for delivering excellence in the design and manufacture of high quality pressroom equipment for the metal stamping industry.

Today, a commitment to the right blend of innovative product development, engineering expertise, manufacturing craftsmanship, and state-of-the-art CNC production equipment set Vamco as the world leader in the area of high-speed servo feeding equipment.

At Vamco we observe a code of excellence which includes developing innovative machine designs, following stringent quality control standards, extending excellent global service, and offering targeted solutions to our customers. These principles, along with an ongoing program of applying new technologies, are why Vamco remains on the forefront of solutions for pressroom applications.

"If it's almost right, it's wrong"........

Patrick J. Gentile
Founder of Vamco Machine & Tool, Inc.

Nidec Vamco Manufacturing Headquarters

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